| What is Visual Merchandising? |


Visual Merchandising is the art and science of presenting a store and its merchandise. The goal of successful VM is to attract, engage and encourage customers to shop. Get a customer’s attention to seduce him or her to buy and ultimately make sales.
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To pursue a career in VM, you will need to be creative, passionate about design, have commercial understanding and be hard-working. You’ll have to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry, as well as fashion, social, political and economic.
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VM is an exciting career. Every day the challenge changes as a result of the dynamic nature of both local and global influences. Opportunities exist in a wide range of retail companies, including fashion, home décor, jewellery, cosmetics, technology and more.
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| About Us |

The VM Central certificate programme is accredited by the South African qualifications authority (SAQA)




VM Central offers a Visual Merchandising consultancy service and custom-designed workshops for local and international retailers, as well as South Africa’s only accredited VM skills training programme. VM Central is owned and operated by Sanet Coetzee in partnership with Rupert Smith.



| Sanet Coetzee |

With over 15 years’ experience, Sanet is an internationally recognised visual merchandising consultant.

| Rupert Smith |

Rupert is a retail design specialist with over 20 years’ experience in the visual merchandising field.

| The Team |

VM Central
Together, Sanet and Rupert are VM Central, South Africa’s only accredited visual merchandising school.




The VM Central Visual Merchandising Skills Programme was developed by Sanet Coetzee, in compliance with South Africa’s Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA), and is accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

It offers the only accredited VM skills training available in South Africa. The certificate programme is aimed at VM practitioners in the wholesale and retail environment and consists of three four-day modules. Topics include the role and history of VM, basic VM principles, fashion workshops, styling techniques, and in-store VM, including wall and window display.

The programme is nine to 12 months and includes workplace activities that help determine participants’ readiness for final assessment. The programme is currently only available to corporate companies and not to individuals. Please look at our 3 Day Visual merchandising Workshop as an alternative.




The synergy between VM Central and Olive Studio forms the perfect environment in which to foster both creativity and training – this is a key aspect of the partnership between Sanet and Rupert.

As practicing visual merchandisers and VM consultants, they offer a networked environment of relevant teaching content, while their own creative endeavours impact positively in their guidance of students in their skills and personal growth.

Creating and teaching are equal partners in their shared objective. That is to raise standards in and grow awareness of the increasingly important art of shaping decisions at the point where consumers interact with merchandise.

| Our Courses |

Corporate Training

  • VM Central offers a certificate programme for Visual Merchandising practitioners in the wholesale and retail environment consisting of three 4-day modules. Topics include the role and history of VM, basic VM principles, fashion workshops and styling techniques, and in-store visual merchandising (including wall and window display).

Custom Workshops

  • Workshops are tailored-made to clients’ requirements and exact VM needs. include VM principles and practice as well as fashion knowledge and runway trends. The aim of these workshops is to offer a specialised, in-depth view on particular VM subjects, such as: homeware, men’s formal dressing, wig styling and mannequin groupings.

3 Day VM Workshop

  • VM Central offers a 3 Day Visual Merchandising Workshop twice a year. The workshop is perfectly suited for individuals who want to know more about VM, or as an introduction to an exciting career in Visual Merchandising. The workshop is great as a refresher for shop owners or anyone that is eager to broaden their creative horizons.



I would recommend training at VM Central a must for anyone wanting to broaden their horizons in the creative VM arena. You certainly will be in more than capable hands and will leave energised, confident and most of all inspired.

Nisaar Karriem - Divisional VM Manager Woolworths

Your Fashion, Styling and Grouping exercise has made a tremendous impact on my VM team in the Eastern Cape. They loved it and it reflects clearly in the upliftment in there functional areas and the overall standard.

Craig Bam - Divisional Visual Merchandise Manager - Divisional VM Manager Woolworths

Attending each of these workshops always feels like a once in a lifetime experience. This should be attended by all that wish to follow a career in Visual Merchandising and if this is your career this is the perfect place to enhance your it.

Nicholas Victor - Divisional VM Manager Woolworths


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