A Minimalist Interior-Design Re-Edit

The minimalist interior design of this Japanese hair salon quite literally has us by the short and curlies! Read on for a hair-raising experience…

Re-Edit your Mind, Body and Hair

If you’re having a bad hair day in Japan, a visit to Osaka’s Re-Edit salon will sort out your tresses and banish your stresses! This space is a far cry from your average beauty parlour. It is void of product-laden shelves, promotion posters and OTT tools of the trade (like beehive-friendly hair drying machines). Au contraire. Re-Edit was designed as a space where people can leave feeling refreshed – inside and out.


Bringing a Zen Aesthetic to Salons

The birthplace of Zen, it only seems fitting that Japanese designers would allow this tradition to live on in their work. And the material representation of Zen being wabi-sabi – the aesthetic that there is a beauty in modest and humble things – is represented well in Re-Edit’s interior design.


A Re-Edit of Interior Design

Not much is needed to bring this hair salon to life – a mere 57 square meters, a coat of white paint, and thin white curtains. With lighting that is barely there, the space seems to rely on the reflection of natural light that shines through two walls of window – each section punctuated with a modular workstation.

What could easily be small nooks for lighting fixtures are cleverly turned into colourful hooks from which mirrors and shelves are hung. And so in comes the physical manifestation of the name, Re-Edit – the cutting area can be re-arranged through the simple moving of the decor.


Minimalist Visual Merchandising

Outside, the signage offers a sneak peak as to what lies within – the salon’s graphic identity mimics that of the mirrors with a curved wooden board announcing “You’re at Re-Edit.”

With all that comes with city living, sometimes you just want to cut away the clutter. Re-Edit will sweep it up along with your hair…

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