Are Men Stepping Out of The Fashion Industry?

Are men being forced to step out of fashion? This year’s men’s fashion week suggests trends are changing and not in favour of men. Traditionally held months before women strut their wears later on in the year the men’s fashion events are being slowly pushed out of the calendar and being packed into the women’s event as an accessory.
Some of the world’s popular 10 fashion designers such as Calvin Klien, Ermenegildo, and Kering’s Brioni Bottega Veneta have decided not to showcase their collections at this year’s men’s fashion week. At the Milan held spectacle, the brands revealed that events would be combined with the women’s show – an indication that male figures might be fading out of the fashion scene.

Walking a Thin Line With Costs

Industry analysts sight a changing and slowing global economy as possible cause for the dramatic rescheduling. Men’s fashion shows can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for each brand, however, these collections fail to bring the kind of profits they once used to. Additionally, men’s shows don’t create as much global publicity as those of the fairer sex.

Annual designer menswear sales are expected to reach more than $40 billion in 2020, up 6.8 percent from 2015, according to Euromonitor International, while womenswear sales are expected to rise 7.7 percent to about $75 billion in the same period.
Burberry, Gucci and Tom Ford have also recently announced a plan to combine events in future. Offering an improved buyer experience with a complete idea of designs is the explanation proposed by most fashion houses for the move.

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Women Shows Are Money Spinners

Women’s shows attract A-List celebrities, news photographers, and broadcasters and go viral on social platforms. These eclipse men’s fashion events with their low-key guests and mediocre global media attendance. Hosting one event for both sexes but focusing on womenswear might bring much-needed attention to men’s wear.

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In a world where demand for luxury goods has weakened fashion houses are pressed to make cost-effective decisions as fashion shows are not as cost effective as they once were. Economically there is no doubt that the decision will leave more money in the bank for designers, however, does the move really offer an improved experience for men’s fashion buyers?

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