Hold-the-Phone Branding: Operator 25

Love branding? Get ready to eat your heart out when you see what Australian graphic design studio Pop & Pac did for the Operator 25 restaurant…

A New and Tasty Calling

Located in the building Melbourne’s first telephone exchange once called home, this brunch spot pays homage to its predecessor. Operator 25 respectfully nods to the history of the space from the name right down to the restaurant’s design. Yet, it still remains true to what owners Randy Dhamanhuri, Valerie Fond and Gede Karilo are truly passionate about – the food! (We promise not to get sidetracked this time.)


Branding with Interior Design

Heritage can be felt permeating every aspect of the restaurant through the clever use of circles and lines –like the knobs, connection holes and cords of an old-school switchboard. Upon arriving to the restaurant, customers are greeted by a knobby-like sign. A rotatory-phone-esque font circles it, while a coffee cup is illuminated on one side and knife and on the other Inside lies interior décor with a wealth of visual cues – a Call-Me-Maybe poster, Pick-Up-Line sign for order collections, and “operators” donning uniforms with quirky expressions like “It Brew my mind.”


All around, glossy, white subway-tiled walls complement the rawness of the building’s original facebrick walls, while bright Lichtenstein-inspired art brings an 80s pop art touch to the space. Above, bell-shaped brass lamps dangle from exposed cables to light up your menu as it announces that the staff are “At your beck and call.”


About Pop & Pac Graphic Studio

You guys remember The Kettle Black? Well, Pop & Pac was the studio behind the branding of that Aussie restaurant too. So wee thought we’d shine a brighter spotlight on them – they deserve it!

If we’re ever in Melbourne, Operator 25 is definitely one restaurant we’ll be calling on…

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