Bricks and Mortar Explores its Digital Side

Shopping is getting very digital…and we’re not talking online stores, either. Bricks and mortar retailers are bringing the online shopping experience into their shops as well…

An Online Shopping Experience Offline

Not online shopping in the traditional sense (if we can even say that yet), but the interactivity that characterises it – touch screens, browsing, and so on. Retail stores are starting to get clever in their approach, bringing online and offline shopping together through digital innovations.

Interactive Fitting Rooms

Say goodbye to half-clad mad dashes out of the fitting room. Now you can request a new size right from the mirror. Called a ‘Connected Glass,’ customers can now exchange items at the touch of a screen that’s built into the mirror and a shop assistant will bring the item to your stall. And if you’re not dead-set on what you brought in, simply browse through their offline catalogue to select additional items to try on. It also shows you what’s in and out of stock, saving you from digging to the back of the rails.

Experience ‘Connected Glass’ below…

Shopping also goes Minority Report with Samsung’s recent launch of their virtual fitting room. Their new line of mirrored, transparent OLED displays allows customers to see how they’d look in clothing, shoes, and jewelry without physically having to try them on. Last-minute shopping? No sweat! The panels are also fitted with cameras that detect facial and hand movements and allow customers to see a multi-angle, 3D view.


Digital Killed the Retail Store?

While online shopping has given bricks and mortar stores a run for their money, it’s apparent that traditional models are still king. Otherwise, why would heavyweights like Amazon play in realm of the physical?

Death of the bricks and mortar store? Not in this lifetime…thank goodness, or we visual merchandisers might have been out of a job.

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