Candy Floss Interior Design in Taipei

If Jess from ‘New Girl‘ weren’t shacking up with three dudes, we’d imagine her apartment to look exactly like this – a colourful and bright interior-design paradise…

Teacher by Day. Colour Fanatic by Night.

Low and behold, this apartment is indeed owned by a teacher! We’re not quite sure if she is the primary school variety, like Jess, but we do know she lives in Taiwan. Which begs the question – could she be a teacher by day a Harajuku girl by night? Whoops! Wrong country. Darn. A little birdie did tell us that she is just as lively as our quirky TV fave, though.


Not Your Average Teacher’s Apartment

Designed in 2014 by House Design Studio, the Wonderland Apartment is indeed a residential playground. With hot-air-balloon lamps, jungle-gym shelving and a colour palette of pink, yellow and blue, the bright interior design of this space is full of playful appeal.


Small Space. Big Ideas.

With a little less than half the space of Cape Town, and more than six times the population, one can only imagine that space is somewhat of a luxury in Taipei. But where we see less, Taipei residents see more. This teacher’s apartment comes in at a mere 26sqm and looking at the pictures, one wouldn’t have guessed!


Interior Design Wonderland

The Wonderland Apartment is opened up with the clever use of light and colour, giving it the feeling of spaciousness. Well-placed windows offer up nooks and crannies (that double up as storage) and make up transparent feature “walls”. Cupboard doors and walls are done away with (except, of course, in the bedroom and bathroom).

In fact, the bedroom is without cupboards at all, because this stylish school teach has a walk-in variety in the room next door. Here, there is a mix of open and closed storage where clothes hang daintily on rods mounted to the underside of cupboards skirting the ceiling. Drawers down below offer easy-access storage.


We simply adore the Thumbelina-esque lampshade in pink, sandwiched between a light blue couch and yellow chair. And then there’s the asymmetrical side and coffee tables in blue and brown. Or the perfectly mismatched stool and chair in the dining area.

With property prices getting higher and spaces getting smaller, it seems Cape Town could take a page or two out of Taipei’s book of bright interior design for small spaces…


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