Pop-Up Offices: the Modern Workstation

Have you heard? Pop-up is going corporate! Eek! But before you go into panic hyperdrive, it’s not corporate in the traditional sense. Someone’s finally brought the “office job” into the 2010s.

A Millennial Work Ethic

It’s about time, too. The Millennials are, after all, fast-becoming or well into their working age. And they’re all about that work-life balance and finding fulfilling careers and whatnot. For them, cubicles are the antithesis of freedom – they encourage employees to unwittingly work long after the sun has set, because they literally couldn’t see it setting over the partitions that demarcate the career equivalent of a prison cell. Then in came the pop-up shop and, close on its heels – the pop up office.


Worker Bee to Work Free

With the pop-up office, worker bees, entrepreneurs and creatives can now kiss loud colleagues, telecommuting, impromptu meetings, and face-to-face interactions goodbye (we’ve got Skype, Slack – you name it – for that). They also give you the freedom to choose where, when and with whom to work. We mean, imagine how productive you can be working at Sea Point’s YouAreHere WiFi-enabled public space, than sitting in traffic en route to Century City? And we all know how much working in a space you love can improve productivity. The pop-up office concept is a no-brainer.


Other Pop-Up Office Winners

Not unlike their retail predecessors, the pop-up office offers opportunities to network with influencers, market one’s skills, and reduce costs that would normally be incurred through a long-term lease. While retail stores take a location temporarily, pop-up offices are more permanent, but have well-positioned satellite offices in various locations.

Give your Office a Touch of Pop

Want to retain your Millennial workforce and give pop-up offices a try? We’ll have you know that like pop-up being applied to both retail and corporate environments, visual merchandising isn’t too far off from office design and spatial planning. Together, VM Central co-owners Sanet and Rupert, bring with them over 39 years combined experience in design and interior decor.


Let VM Central assist your business with designing a space that reinforces your business’ culture and inspires creativity. Bring the pop-up office experience to your employees, rather than bringing your employees to the office.

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