Chanel’s Airline-Themed Fashion Show

Chanel is no stranger to extravagantly themed fashion shows with the catwalk being turned into casinos and all. This time around, they took to a runway of another sort – an airport terminal for Chanel Airlines!

Chanel Airlines Takes Flight

As expected, Chanel’s Spring-Summer 2016 Ready-to-Wear showcase took off without any turbulence recently. In fact, the airline-themed fashion show seemed to run a lot smoother than most airlines – the queues were shorter, the passengers were cuter, and the ticketing agents were friendlier. In fact, we’d say the whole do was pretty first class!

Jet Set to Impress

Chanel pulled out all the stops for the fashion event, once again transforming Paris’ spectacular Grand Palais. The casino was upgraded into a super-chic airport terminal, completed kitted out with check-in kiosks, branded luggage carts and even those uncomfortable boarding-gate seats. The “passengers” were also clad in Chanel’s latest offering. They even had designer suitcases to “check in” – we’ll take an aisle seat in the front row, thank you!


Are you Ready-To-Wear Chanel?

Luckily, we’re already hitting Spring weather in South Africa, which means we can don the Chanel’s Spring-Summer 2016 Ready-to-Wear collection before the rest of the world. That’s if you’re willing to pay those import duties to beat your fashion-forward frenemies. In case you missed the flight, here’s what you can expect from the (air)line…


Wide leg pants, flat Teva-like sandals (that light up in a manner all too teenage 90s for us), suits, handbags and more. Last, but not least, but definitely our favourite for th elittle touch this adds – what flight would be complete without a pair of sunnies to hide those jetlagged eyes? Mr Lagerfeld even threw in some on-theme aviators to sort that out.

As for the grand finale? A walk down the aisle of an aircraft specially built for the airline-themed fashion showcase.


We don’t know about you, but we simply can’t wait to get our hands on some of Chanel’s Spring-Summer 2016 Ready-to-Wear collection…

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