COS X Snarkitecture: Minimalist Visual Merchandising

COS and Snarkitecture are at it again! This time around, they’ve traded up installations for visual merchandising (under the euphemised guise of fashion presentation and spatial design)…

Multi-Disciplinary Visual Merchandising

And we like it…not the retail space they’ve designed (well, we like that too) – but the glamourised terms used to describe our art. The words fashion presentation suggests something more than just getting people to buy – perhaps an entertaining showcase, like that of a fashion show? While spatial design is far more descriptive of visual merchandising’s cross pollination of design disciplines, borrowing from architecture, interior design and public art.


Scandi-Minimalism goes to LA

Back to what we’re here for – COS and Snarkitecture’s more recent collaboration…yayness! The design duo Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen have set “pop-up” shop in the city of angels, where a selction from the COS Autumn/Winter collection will be presented. Lucky, Los Angeles. We hope the temporary relocation of the less-is-more fashion line will be a habit-changing cue in the land of abundance.

Minimalist Retail Design

Minimalilsm doesn’t stop at the garments, though. It features throughout the retail space that showcases them with a muted colour palette that is informed by the white, pink, grey and black tones of the COS Autumn/Winter collection. This is complimented by a series of silhouettes of the garments cut out from tinted steel. We love how the pieces on one of the rails is perfectly sandwiched between two of the steel profiles in a dance of mimicry.


“We wanted to move away from the idea of this being a typical garment display. The focus of the installation is the silhouette of the garments and these feature as a part of the installation rather than a separate entity.”

Space-Creating Spatial Design

With space being another Scandi design trait, Snarkitecture satisfied this with a 6-metre, floor-to-ceiling mirrored wall right down the shop’s middle. And as the garments inform the space, so does the space to the garments. Each piece is hung in sets of two to create a mirrored effect.


COS regularly collaborates with architects and fashion designers to create presentation spaces. This is the second time the clothing line has joined creative forces with Snarkitecture.

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