Design Joburg: a New Collaboration Event

Oh, No! Not Another Exhibition…

Taking place from 12-14 May, Design Joburg will turn traditional notions of the exhibition space on its head. Through the bringing together of leading architects, interior designers, as well as brands, artisans and suppliers, the event will aim to showcase the latest design trends with creativity and originality. Hand-hand-picked by the show’s creative directors and co-owners of Anatomy Design and HK Studio, Andrea Kleinloog and Megan Hesse, these 20-odd design stalwarts will each curate a space around a particular theme.


Here are the participating design studios, designers and architects along with their corresponding themes…


ATELIER – Adri van Zyl & Vincent Clery – ‘Sanctuary’
COPPERLEAF – Kelly Adami – ‘A Dinner Party’
DAVID MUIRHEAD – David Muirhead – ‘A (Wo)man Cave’
DESIGN WORKSHOP – Mark Horner – ‘Truth to Material’
DITAU HOME – Ntabi Taukobong – ‘A Man Cave’
ETIENNE HANELOM – Etienne Hanekom – ‘On Safari’
GASS ARCHITECTURE STUDIOS – Georg van Gass & Piet Boer – ‘Inside Outside Pavilion’
HK STUDIO – Andrea Kleinloog & Megan Hesse – ‘Business/Press Lounge’
JVR ARCHITECTS – Joe van Rooyen – ‘A Sample Libaray’
KIMMY & BEAR – Cheska Stark, Bailey – Bezuidenhout & Alex Royston – ‘Growing Up’
MASH DESIGN STUDIO – Thabisa Mjo – ‘Fortune Favours the Brave
MASTER STUDIO – Janiv Chen – ‘Smart Solutions’
MICHELE THROSSELL INTERIORS – Michele Throssell – ‘The Modern Home’
ROBERT SHERWOOD DESIGN – Robert Sherwood – ‘An Art Collector’
STUDIO MAS – Sean Mahoney, Pierre Swanepoel & Precious Makwe – ‘Glass Houses’
STUDIUM DESIGN OFFICE – Georgina Cox, Korine Krüger & Sanet Stegmann – ‘The Heritage Apartment’

Education through Collaboration

The curated spaces will aim more than just to inspire – in creating them there will also be an educational aspect. Running along side the 3-day Design Joburg event will be a mentorship programme that aims to develop and showcase “undiscovered” talent.These emerging creatives will work with established designers who will then showcase their mentee’s skills and wares in their respective exhibits.


Design for the Public and Professional

This May, Design Joburg will create a rare opportunity for the public to access some of South Africa’s leading brands and design studios. Visitors can look forward to viewing captivating room-sets, collaborative exhibits, installations and the latest technology for the home; and hearing industry-related talks by local and international experts. A host of satellite events will also be held around the city.


“Competition makes us faster, collaboration makes us better.” And what better way to improve the South African creative landscape than the upcoming Design Joburg event?

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