Diesel’s New Design Concept at V&A Waterfront

Premium denim brand Diesel has got our motors running yet again! This time, they’ve opted to leave social media out, upping their brick-and-mortar ante instead. Lunch at V&A Waterfront, anyone?

Diesel’s New V&A Waterfront Store

It seems Cape Town is fast-becoming the launch pad for many an international brand of late – what with Forever21 in 2014, and then H&M last year. Of course, Diesel is no newcomer to the shopping centre, but is debuting something, nonetheless. Last month, it’s new retail design concept was unveiled – not globally, but in South Africa. Still an awesome coup for V&A Waterfront!


Old Design in a New Age

Designed in collaboration with Japanese architecture firm Wonderwall, the store boasts antique furniture and décor juxtaposed against a backdrop of technologically advanced features. One can appreciate the aesthetics of a Chesterfield-styled couch, Foscarini chandeliers and earth-toned leathers, while still be grounded in the now by the industrial fittings. In fact, the chandeliers are welcome merging of classic and contemporary with their sleek, asymmetric curves. Firmly stating that the brand is a premium and timeless alternative to stiff luxury.


Premium = Flexible Luxe

Diesel’s V&A Waterfront revamp boasts a lavish seated area with mirrors for customers to try on beautifully crafted footgear and accessories. While state-of-the-art fitting rooms create a comfortable, yet premium ambience where customers are free to transform themselves.

Denim, Diesel’s mainstay product, has various dedicated sections within the store – striking walls display key styles and washes of their 5-pocket range, while a table showcases the newly introduced Doctor Denim collection. And, finally, go from workwear to training-wear in Diesel’s Jogg Jeans – a cross between jeans and active wear – with its own display area.


The design of the new Diesel V&A Waterfront store is simply another extension of the retail house’s inherent heritage and craftsmanship. It’s quality and mastery can be felt with every step…

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