Fashion’s First 3D Lookbook


The competition in the fashion industry is fierce! And designers are finding ever more clever ways to get people’s attention. Take the lookbook, for example. It recently came into its own in 3D format…

Chromat 3D Lookbook – A World First

Our favourite Coco Channel once said, “ Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only…” With recent developments in the fashion industry, the legendary designer couldn’t have been more right.

Technology has made an appearance on many a catwalk, at several fashion shoots and in numerous clothing lines. The latest reveal getting the fashion world buzzing is Chromat’s 3D take on the lookbook.

VM-Central-3D-Lookbook-Chromat-Fashion-TrendsThe New York label took to immortalising their Spring/Summer 2015 collection with a light-field camera (a supped up 3D camera by Lytro). Some of the cameras features include allowing the viewer to manipulate the image during playback, changing the orientation of the scene. How cool is that?!

Fashionable Architecture

For owner of Chromat Becca McCharen, going 3D when debuting her collection was a no brainer. Especially considering it was 3D printed. That’s right! This Brooklyn-based creative’s line was inspired by her architecture and urban design background, interpreting scaffolding and city maps by way of cage-like garments.


The lookbook features various models donning futuristic pieces in several locations. Despite its techie nature, there still is a smidgeon of traditional with snaps being taken throughout for convention placement (magazines, ads, etc). The flashes don’t depart too much, though. They, in fact, give the scene quite an electric feel.

A Look Behind the Scenes

Keen on seeing how a 3D Lookbook comes together? Here’s a sneak peek on what went into it as well as an interview with the creative genius Becca McCharen herself…

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