Interior Design at Ibiza’s Cave(ernous) Home

We love how one New York couple have taken the idea of rock dwelling quite literally with their 400-year-old cave home in Ibiza…

A Home to Cave Into

Hailing from the city that never sleeps, it was only natural for wife and hubby Pietro Cuevas and David Swayne to fall in love with Northern Ibia’s idyllic location. Their infatuation deepened upon setting foot in their vacation home – a cave surrounded by almond trees (yum), cacti and olive trees. They had their hearts set on it and 10 years later, they became proud new owners. Talk about dedication!


Cool Interiors. Warm Design.

With whitewashed walls, juniper-beamed ceilings and 1,6m tall ceilings (watch your head!), were a good starting point when it came down to the renovations. In fact, the building was barely touched thanks to its being protected. Only a new kitchen – in its double-volume glory – was was renovated to include modern fixtures and appliances. Apart from that the space was kept relatively bare…


Bare Necessities of Home Décor

The couple really wanted to bring out the soul and histrory of their new cave home and opted to steer clear of modern-day cultural signifiers, like elephants and buddhas. They rather looked toward the tradidional Ibiza cottage for inspiration. The result was rustic with a sense of timeless grace. Wood is a welcome recurring feature, as are the woven, reed-like chandeliers.


We love those unfinished doors, haphazardly puzzled together in their rawness, the branches with a new lease on life as clothing and towel rails, the beds that are placed close to the ground, and the well appointed modern pieces to bring it all back to today. Last, but not least, we adore the shaggy-headed branch in the corner of what looks like a study (with a the cutest singlular, small window above the desk).

If we could find a cavern that looks like this in SA, we’d most certainly would cave into the idea of calling it home.

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