Kampo: Japan’s Acupuncture Clinic

We love how traditional medicine gets a modern update through interior design at Japan’s Kampo acupuncture clinic.

Chinese Tradition. Japanese Location.

Lovers of holistic medicine may have asked themselves, “Well, what is a Japanese clinic doing administering acupuncture?” Good question and well spotted. As it turns out, Japan was introduced to Chinese medicine in the 6th century, making them rather knowledgeable and skilled in the art of the “prick.” The shop brings the two cultures together beautifully through its name which is Japanese for Chinese herbal medicine.


Interior Design that Renews

Colour plays an integral role in the interior design at Kampo with mint green making an appearance throughout. Symbolising rebirth, energy and balance, this hue is perfect for achieving the end result of acupuncture. Mint green is also symbolic of the plants from which herbal medicines are derived.

Spaces within Kampo are also demarcated using colour. A white waiting room greets patients as they enter, which leads to a green consultation area, followed by a white treatment area. The white adds to the green the feeling of wholeness and purity that comes with an acupuncture treatment.


Modular Interior Decor

Tiers of mint green drawers line the walls of the Kampo acupuncture clinic with the occasional one being left out to double up as shelving. These modular shelves (yes, they can be swapped with real drawers) play host to apothecary jars filled with herb samples and books on herbal medicine. This cabinet theme translates beautifully in the mock-drawer fronts of the furniture.


A Clinic. A Pharmacy. A Library.

Not your average acupuncture clinic, Kampo is also a pharmacy and library of sorts. The clever all storage allows the space triple up as a dispensary of herbal medicines and a place for learning. Customers essentially can peruse the art of herbal medicine and explore the textures and aromas of the herbs before making a purchase.


Feeling stressed out in Japan? Head over to Shinjuku for an acupuncture treatment at the Kampo clinic…

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