Lighting a Green Path for Visual Merchandising


Lighting may have a big impact on the products your visual merchandising is trying to sell. But it also has a big impact on the environment. So how does one find a middle ground in an industry that relies on energy so much?

The answer is manifold and can benefit you, your staff and the environment equally. Let VM Central be your guiding light with these energy-efficient tips…

Eco-Friendly Natural Lighting

This is probably the most inexpensive and eco-friendliest way to light up your visual merchandising. It’s also a great way to pick up your staff’s spirit. But while sunlight is free and abundant, it is also ever changing – its strength is dependent on the time of day, cloud cover, etc. That’s why going this energy-efficient route will require a careful planning than traditional lighting.

On the other hand, sunlight can damage retail products like clothing and furniture. Visual merchandising can get around this by using installations that reflect rather than channelling direct light. Skylights are very efficient in letting soft, UV-free light into a space.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Upgrading your lighting to a more eco-friendly option needn’t be an expensive task. In fact, it might actually go a long way in saving you rands – installing energy-efficient lighting will decrease your electricity usage and, thus, your electricity bill. Invest in some low-energy LED lights.

Turn your Lighting Off

As simple as this sounds, many shops fail dismally at this. A quick walk through the mall after a late-night flick is very telling – many of the window displays stand illuminated for invisible shoppers. Switching the lights off when not in use or necessary can have a green impact. And guess what? This too costs nothing at all…



Go Green and Keep it Clean

This applies to your windows as well as your newly installed LED lights and their fittings. Dirty windows will not let the sunshine in, nor will they let passers-by see the gems they’re showcasing. Let’s not forget, shop windows greet your customers and first impressions do count. You don’t want to leave a dirty one imprinted on their visual database.

Cleaning your lighting might come as a surprise, but the thinking behind this is similar to that of windows. Dust-covered lighting will create a dimming effect and bright lighting is visual merchandising’s best friend.

In Conclusion

Still not sure if you can pull any of the above off? Give VM Central a call and we’ll see how we can light up your visual merchandising in an energy-efficient way.

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