Petite Noir’s New Album and its Artwork

We’re loving the album artwork for Petite Noir’s latest release La Vie Est Belle / Life is Beautiful…

Behind the Album Artwork

And rightly so… The cover is the result of a collaboration between Petite Noir creative director Rharha Nembhard (@dronegoddess) and New York-based fine artist Lina Viktor (@linaviktor). Both Rharha and Viktor’s reputations precede them with their visual projects populating various social media streams.


The Musicality of Art

The album artwork for La Vie Est Belle / Life is Beautiful is music for the eyes. Optical illusions are used to create a variety of surreal scenes – in our first encounter with the album we see a somewhat buoyant Petite Noir hovering over an emerald green, malachite stone pedestal. His skin contrasts beautifully with the white marble backdrop.

“The malachite stone represented in the image is the stone of transformation, love and change-themes that are represented throughout the album itself.”


Inside the album, there are several more surreal instances featuring a floating Petite Noir (in many, he is draped in a white cloth) as well as the singer topless standing in front of a backdrop made from the same emerald stone on the cover.

Petite Noir aka Yannick Ilunga

Born to Angolan and Congolese parents in Belgium 25 years ago, Yannick Ilunga would claim Cape Town, South Africa as his home at the tender age of 6. It would be here that his love for music would grow into his current pseudo-taste in everything from electro to pop to Afro-beats.

With all these influences, there simply is no category to lump his music into. So Yannick had to create his own, defining his music as Noirwave – a retro-future sound that adds further depth to Africa’s emerging global electronic styles.

Here’s a sneak peek of what the album has to offer…

Look out for La Vie Est Belle / Life is Beautiful set for an 11 September release. In the meantime, you can pre-order it here.

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