POD-idlala: Tiny Home Design in SA

Imagine being able to buy a 6-bedroom house for the price of a bachelor apartment? Thanks to the innovative design of the POD-idladla, South Africans are closer to this reality than they realise…

SA’s Very own Tiny Home

And it’s about time! We mean, we really were starting to get FOMO what with the Tiny House Movement taking place elsewhere in the world and all. But now that we’ve got our own building up here in South Africa, the Americans, Swedes, Brits and the like can keep their designs. Ours costs considerably less and have a local swag you simply can’t deny.


Putting the Fab in Prefab

POD-idladla is a fully modular home that can literally be transported on a truck and put together on site. Designed by architect Clara Cruz and kitted out by product designers Dokter and Misses, a basic pod comes in at 17sqm and is dual use – simply configure it to your personal preferences. Not enough space for you? Combine several pods to create a living area up to 68m2. Still need more? Here’s how you can do more with less…


POD-idlala’s Design

As with any small space, light and colour play an important role in opening up the POD-idladla. Ample windows allow the former in, while white brightens the space up. Bedrooms are tucked away on a mezzanine level that is partitioned with a rope guard. Walls and windows serve a dual purpose offering protection and storage. And a ladder replaces the traditional, but cumbersome staircase. A collapsible door conveniently brings the outdoors in via a deck.


The Pod Life

Apart from fitting in all the basics of any home, the POD-idladla also allows you to fit in LIFE! With less space, comes less clutter and with clutter, comes less cleaning and, thus more time. In fact, every task takes half the amount of time to complete because each takes less time to access. So what are you going to do with all that free time?


Well, you sure can move a lot more often. Just collapse your home and go! And the best part is that The Pod life will only run you up R200,000 (a whole R150k less than in the US) to R700,000!

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