Sanet Takes To Home Interior Design

Sanet Coetzee’s dedication to visual merchandising is evident in everything she touches. Having started out by working at one of South Africa’s biggest clothing and food retail stores, Woolworths, she worked her way up the ladder to creating money spinning window displays. It’s no surprise that her home’s interior design is a clear reflection of her passion.

Now as co-owner of VM Central with business partner, Rupert Smith she has strategically ploughed her many years of experience into educating others about visual merchandising. Furthermore, she spends much of her time creating spaces that reflect style, creativity and an invigorating artistic flair. Her home embodies a variety of interior design trends while creating an open, lived-in and inviting space.

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Natural Elements Blossom

She brings her interior design insights into her home and creates a unique space that embraces nature by bringing in features that one would expect to find outside. A variety of plants indigenous to South Africa are strategically placed inside the Cape Town, 94 metre squared apartment, with simple angular glass vases perched gracefully on sophisticated antique tables. An understated elegance is the signature theme of every room, which embraces minimalistic art deco pieces that are typical of VM Central styling.

Consistently Avant-Garde

Adding to the apartment’s charm are unconventional features such as the concrete dining room table and the monochromatic palette of white walls and black painted floorboards. She also goes as far as to bring in a few potted plants into the bathroom extending the overall “bring the outside indoors” theme into an unexpected area.

Timeless Sophistication

One full sweep over of this apartment and you get a complete understanding of Sanet’s adoration for antiques. Her minimalistic space has carefully picked unique antique pieces from some of Cape Town’s best vintage stores. Clearly not picking up from current trends but purely inspired by a particular taste and vision, she keeps her home simple by purchasing pieces that truly speak to her.
Find out more about Sanet’s stunning home from Elle’s Decor’s May 2016 issue and see some of the work she has covered for VM Central.

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