Scandinavian Interiors. Spanish Shores.

We simply can’t get enough of Scandinavian design – but then who can?! What makes the interiors of this apartment superbly unique is that the space is located in Mallorca …

The Midnight Sun Rising in Spain

Going off interior design alone, one wouldn’t have guessed this apartment is in Spain. But that fact that the rooms are so well lit might have been a giveaway to many – such brightness is a thing Scandinavians can only dream of. Unless, of course, they’re experiencing that spectacular phenomenon called the Midnight Sun.


Scandinavian Design. Spanish Living.

It would seem that Danish designer Tine Kjeldsen couldn’t get enough of home or of the Spanish island. Hence, perhaps, why she brought several pieces of home into her 90sqm apartment. Tine uses neutral colours and décor that nods to nature. Textures to the feel of smooth vinyl, unfinished wood, woven reeds punctuate the space beautifully – a perfect continuation of the weathered, terracotta exterior that greets visitors as they enter the building.


Functional Interior Design

As with most Scandinavian interiors, the form follows function. The furnishings and décor Tine chose work together for the dweller’s ease of access and use. In the kitchen, dishes, glassware, storage and gadgets double up as decoration on shelves and counters. In the corridor, a wooden side table house baskets for additional storage and shoes. Above it – our favourite feature – is a message board made from what looks like raffia. The bathroom doubles up as walk-in linen cupboard, featuring a glass-paned armoire full of bedding and towelling.


Space Creating Colours and Mirrors

While 90sqm isn’t of shoebox standards, light, white and mirrors work together exceptionally well to capitalise on its ampleness. We love the feature mirror walls in the bedroom and living room. The frosted windows partitioning the interior goes a long way in opening up the apartment, as well.


In short, the interior design of this Tine apartment offers the very best in simple and authentic Scandinavian living – albeit, in Mallorca.

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