SPACES: Minimalist, Miniature Concrete Pieces

Still thinking of that trip to India? Now you can bring home a little piece of the land of curry, with the minimalist concrete designs from material.immaterial

Minimalist and Modular

Called the SPACES project, these concrete pieces celebrate Indian architecture and the bare beauty of a material normally seen as dull, commonplace and functional. Essentially modular spaces, each piece forms part of a whole and can be configured into a building. This first set can be put together around the central ‘Kund’ to create a community space.


Speaking Volumes with Voids

Handmade using moulds, these concrete blocks are transformed into individual, mini worlds through voids that act as windows, doorways, stairwells, and courtyards. This invites the viewer to use their imagination to create scenes and stories within – in line with material.immaterial’s minimalist approach being about what to leave out, rather than what to put in.


Miniature Worlds for your World

material.immaterial’s concrete pieces make a great gift for lovers of architecture with which to adorn their desktops, or unique collectables and housewarming gifts. Consisting of nine spaces, this miniature collection can easily turn into a gifting saga for various special occasions in your loved one’s life.


A History of Concrete

Created by architects Nitin Barchha and Disney Davis, SPACES was inspired by and pays homage to iconic edifices from the last century. The likes of Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, Oscar Niemeyer’s Brasilia and Tadao Ando’s Church of the Light come to mind.


As far as minimalist design goes, this has got to be one of the most unique we’ve come across. How about you? Well done to material.immaterial for painting concrete with a new shade of creative…

Go ahead and while away time, fiddling with arrangements and appreciate its miniature beauty.

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