Sweet Interior Design at Shane Confectionery

We’re totally smaaking the old-fashioned interior design at Shane Confectionery store in Philadelphia…

A Tasty Trip Down Memory Lane

What would normally be touted as hipster, Shane Confectionary store manages to sidestep with a charm that can only come with authentic vintage. This sweets shop, which was established in the wee 1990s, has had over 100 years to earn its old-school stripes – a true rarity. It is, in fact, the oldest candy store running continuously in the USA. We’d love to see a hipster beat that level of swag!


Time Travel through Interior Design

Upon walking into the time-capsule sweet shop, even the staunchest of grown ups will feel like a kid again. Childhood memories will be recalled as their eyes play host to antique pieces to the tune of brass scales, nickel-plated cash registers and old-style signage. Even the sweet packaging – featuring brown and wax paper – pays homage to those of yore.

The interior design retains much of the original store’s trimmings and décor – save for the linoleum floor covering, which was uprooted to allow the underlying pinewood floors to shine through. Everything else was restored to its former glory – Chippendale-style cabinets were given a new shade of paint, the skylight above was repaired, the stained glass above the store’s doorfront repaired and more.


Keeping Candy-Making Traditions Alive

The real work came with whipping the candy-making equipment back into the shiny, functional shape they had been in during Shane Confectionery’s prime. Think brass, copper and wrought iron tools to the tune of cauldrons, churners, moulds, kettles and – the backbone of any business – the majestic cash register.


Interior Design to Smaak For

Our favourite interior design and décor elements are the fleur-de-lis motifs on the walls, wheeled ladders for easy access to the top most shelves, and a rope-pulled freight elevator. But what we really fell in love with? Well, it’s not everyday that you see a horse-drawn wagon collecting and delivering supplies to your local store!

Looking for a sweet adventure? Head over to Philadelphia’s Shane Confectionary – a must-see candy store if you’re ever in the States…

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