Techy VM: Transparent LED Window Displays

Window display getting in the way?! Not anymore! There’s a new, transparent window display taking over the world of visual merchandising…

The Window Display’s Just Gotten Sexier

With Crystal Display Systems’ transparent LED displays, customers will now be able to look past giant adverts and into the shop. Not that window displays don’t serve their purpose – they are essentially there to entice passers-by into the store. But we like to see these new-age, interactive billboards as giving the customer a more seamless experience. They can also hide or reveal products to grab the attention passers-by.

How CDS’ Transparent LEDs Work

These high-impact video displays are made so as to allow them to be easily viewed from the street. With a brightness that goes up to 6000 cd/M2, even in sunlight the diplays can be seen – unlike with the glare caused by the traditional window glass. The LEDs feature both image and video playback.

More Space for More Stock

We love that these high-tech window displays are space shy. These modular structures can be nipped and tucked to fit a shop’s window perfectly, which means there’s more space for the store to do what it does best – house products.

The transparent LED displays are also lightweight and super-thin, making them ideal for a variety of placements. Hang them from the ceiling, place them against an internal wall (which we think defeats the purpose of their being transparent all together, but each to his own, right?) , or place them from and centre on the shop’s floor.


Other products in the CDS range include a square display, multi-touch display, and more…

We think this is a rather Would you ever consider using this sort of technology in your visual merchandising? Let us know…

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