The Design It Yourself Trend Is picking Up Steam

We’ve seen a few brands in recent years add or bring into their collections elements where the buyer can add on customised bits and pieces specifically designed by the label. More and more brands are picking up on this trend creating pieces that inspire an intrigued millennial following.

Customisation of luxury fashion garments is no new idea. Brands such as Fendi, Nike , Ralph Lauren and Burberry have already been offering clothes enabling buyers to make minor alterations. However, brands such a Jimmy Choo, Open Ceremony, and Gucci have spun the concept on its head, giving the buyer full creative control.

In the brand’s flagship store in Milan, Gucci’s DIY stage 2 allows customisation of tailored and leather jackets, tuxedos, coats and shoes. This is all done with gorgeous patterns, designs and fonts from the Gucci collection. Get a personalised hand-painted and studded biker jacket or place your initials onto a pair of shoes.

Open to Individual Expression

Open Ceremony’s new embroidery station also mimics the “design-it-yourself” idea. No need to worry about dropping that cool couple hundred on a jacket that someone you know or dislike has or can get a few days after you. All available in the OC New York store, you can find colourful monogram patches, inspired by tattoos and pop art, to emojis. After just an hour you personalised your chosen item with any of these or simply get a personalised messages embroidered onto your choice of OC varsity jackets, or t-shirts.

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Jimmy Choo Steps It up A Noch

The popular luxury shoe and handbag label is unveiling a collection of stylish customisation accessories. This includes crystal clip-ons, buttons and bracelets that can decorate pumps, clutches and peep-toe ankle-laced stilettos, and even slip-on skater shoes.
There’s little doubt that the vast majority of creative minded people are inspired by this wardrobe freedom. However, this growing cross-industry trend might have opened pandora’s box, after all, there’s a good reason why we trust designers to make colour and design choices for us.

Considering the many wardrobe malfunctions we often see, truth be told, some of us are better off leaving colour and aesthetic choices to the experts. Are you ready to customise your wardrobe?

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