Visual Merchandising Tips for Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has begun and shoppers are about to get in a last-minute gifting frenzy! Is your shop’s visual merchandising prepared?

Here are VM Central’s top visual merchandising tips for a successful Christmas season…

A Sense-ational Christmas

Make it look, smell and sound like Christmas! Colourful decorations, festive music, scents and tastes of the season like cinnamon air freshners and apple cider. These will get shoppers into the Christmas spirit and into your doors.

Easy-to-Find Christmas Displays

With Christmas being one of the most stressful seasons for customers, it’s important that your visual merchandising makes the shopping process as easy as possible. Using directional signs will ensure that your customers can locate what they’re looking for. Even better, you can separate your Christmas displays further into real-life solutions – gifts for him, gifts for her, stocking fillers, Christmas bestsellers, gifts for Dad, etc.


Make them “Sale” in with Signage

During Christmas, shopper feel the pressure to gift. Their wallets also feel it. Use promotional signs to let them know thatyour shop has gifts at a deal. “Buy one get one free” screams Christmas shopping spree.

Layouts for Holiday Traffic

If your shop looks packed with shoppers, it might deter potential customers from coming inside. So make sure is ample space between displays to accommodate for the extra foot traffic. This way shoppers can pass each other with ease.

Also, think about your shop in terms of what your customers are most likely to visit your shop for. Put these right at the back of your shop and “impulse” products at the front – the latter is geat for last-minute purchases. This will encourage customers to walk through your entire retail space to get to them, exposing them to your other products along the way.

Cheer up your Point of Sale

Long queues – a common occurrence over the Christmas season – are also a major deterrent for shoppers. So you may want to think about adding some extra tills to accommodate. Don’t forget that in visual merchandising point of sale is also a display space. Place “impulse” items that complement other products in your shop here.

Need help with last-minute touches before the holiday rush? Let VM Central take your visual merchandising beyond red and green.

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