Minimalissimo: A Digital Magazine’s Print Revamp

Print is dead? Try telling that to the powers that be over at Minimalissimo. This online design magazine recently decided to take the print plunge, despite the publishing world’s exodus into digital…

Backtracking from Digital to Print

But we think there’s some logic to Minimalissimo’s go-against-the-grain style. Define your niche; grow a dedicated, likeminded audience online (because it’s cheaper than print), and THEN go into print. That way you’ll hopefully have less competition, what with all the newbies flocking to digital and all. AND you’ll have the upper hand online because you already understand the digi-vironment.


For the Love of Design

So what brought on this daring decision? Well, we wouldn’t expect anything less from the regular coming together of writers, designers, fashion professionals and content strategists. And the fact that they’ve been running a successful digital publication for six years and a following close on 35,000 suggests they know what content appeals to the design-inclined.


Need a Kickstarter for your Magazine?

Take a page out of Minimalissimo’s fundraising book. This international editorial team took to Kickstarter offering their dedicated fan base a well-worth it trade off – their name printed inside as a “Thank you” for their support. The £10 (R210) price tag didn’t seem to sway supporters at all though – Minimalissimo reached (and surpassed) their £10,500 goal in exactly one month!


Why We Love Minimalissimo

Being designers of sorts ourselves, we definite can appreciate all the visual merchandising content Minimalissimo’s editorial team curates – from retail designs created by our favourite VM-ers over at NENDO to the recent merging of the men and women’s section of our beloved, Barneys.

And despite being a new player in the print game, it seems Minimalissimo will getting on to a fabulous start. All 162 pages of the magazine are absolutely gorgeous. We love how it departs from the stock standard gloss of the average magazine with its matte cover and pages. And as far as content goes, it will definitely not disappoint! Issue N°1 will house the most popular features from the Minimalissimo website.


The lucky 414 Kickstarter backers can look forward enjoying a wide variety of pieces on architecture, art, graphic design, fashion, and industrial design.

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