Zara Home South Africa Launches

Tired of having your Zara Home bath and body products leaking in your luggage? Fly with them no more! The Spanish brand has just touched down in South Africa.

Zara: the Zorro of Home Decor

Not that there’s anything wrong with your suitcases getting a little dose of aromatic TLC, but the mess, we’re sure, outweighs the scent. As of 28  April 2016, you can pick up Zara Home bath and body products as well as bath linens, furniture, tableware, cutlery, and other items for the home. Need to look cute for that new corner couch? Chip in for some form-fitting loungewear while you’re at it.


We’re a little uncertain of the meterage of the new store, as reports vary saying the space will be 485m2, or was it 722m2? Regardless, we would have loved to have a visual merchandising hand at it.

Decorating a Home Decor Store

For a visual merchandiser, this is pretty much like eating two unhealthy faves in one dish, like pasta and potatoes. Except, there’s nothing remotely unhealthy about embarking on a visually creative journey such as this. The Zara Home store features marble elements, neutral colours and warm chestnut finishes.


Fast Fashion Goes Fast Furniture

Like the Zara fashion stores, home decor lovers can look forward to weekly deliveries of new items. Could this be the beginnings of fast furniture, too? We highly doubt it. We mean the effort of transporting couches, dining tables and headboards really don’t seem worth the regular decor update.


Since Zara’s launch in 2003, the retail chain has opened over 500 stores worldwide and a presence in 66 countries – one of them we can now say with pride is South Africa!

Head to the equally new Mall of Africa to check out what Zara Home has in store for the African market.

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